Perspectives on Software Architecture

Software architecture is the foundation of Enterprise Software.  The underlying architecture should be well designed and thought through. Regardless of the technology selected for a Enterprise, certain underlying principles guide the initial development and evolution of the software. In this article I will be presenting the principles I have found most useful. Collaborate Collaboration applies across [...]

Effective Retrospectives

A key, often overlooked component of agile is effective retrospectives. I recently read Agile (micro)Management, and I realized how retrospectives are not only the key to continual improvement, but when conducted thoughtfully and transparently, they lead to improved engagement in the agile process. Although I personally prefer the Stop, Start, Continue, More of Less of [...]

Software Development Leadership

Leading software development initiatives present many different challenges. Over the years I have come to realize that there is a core set of principles related to successfully leading software developers, principles that I will share in this post. Many of these principles are not specifically related to managing a team of software developers, but are [...]

Beyond Code

Software development processes for successful software Successful software. Yes, it exists today. And it is not an accident. It typically occurs because software development teams think beyond the writing code. They consider the wider software release world, including: Project Management Release and Configuration Management Quality Assurance Production Release Production Performance, Maintenance and Operations Customer Support [...]