About Us

Hello, my name is Rich Termondt. I have been designing and constructing software architectures for over eighteen years. As Principle Software Architecture at a large wealth management firm, I led a successful initiative to re-architect an outdated architecture that was increasing operational and development costs and slowing innovation. As Director of Middleware and Gateway Development at a major stock exchange, I led a successful initiative to combine over 20 various operational and customer facing applications, and in the process created a new, modern architecture based on industry best practices and principles. These are a just few of the many successful software projects I have been fortunate to work on.

Many companies are facing similar software architecture challenges. I created Solutiosoft to help Chicago area organizations design and construct the optimal architecture for their needs. Whether starting a new initiative and seeking a solid architectural foundation from the very beginning, or moving legacy systems to a more optimal architecture, Solutiosoft can help. We design custom software architectures that fit your needs.

We have expertise in the full life cycle of software development:

  • Conception
  • Organization and Execution Management
  • Architecture Design and Review
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Operations
  • Maintenance

We can help at any stage of the life cycle, or through the entire cycle. We specialize in the following technologies:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • REST
  • Java/JEE
  • Android and iPhone application development
  • Python/Django

Solutiosoft utilizes an agile approach to development, with frequent iterations and close collaboration with stakeholders.  Our principles of execution:

  • Iterative
  • Collaborative
  • Sustained
  • Continually Improving

Our mission is to help companies sustain and evolve the resulting architecture long term with internal development staff. Like an elite special operations unit, we come in and assist in getting the right architecture in place and train and mentor internal staff in modern software best practices and patterns. Our goal is to pull out of a project and leave it in the competent hands of internal staff. We are not looking for a permanent perpetual engagement, we are looking to empower companies to maintain and evolve the system with internal staff.

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